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De Vere Hotels CSR Policy

De Vere, as a leading supplier in the provision of services to major corporate clients is committed to a continuous improvement approach to CSR in the areas of:

  • Environment
  • Sustainability
  • Sourcing
  • Opportunities and Social Engagement

De Vere Sustainability Policy provides the framework for these activities and is developing towards BS 8901. It applies to all De Vere Hotels activities, products and services. All employees of De Vere are encouraged to follow the principles of this policy to assist the company in meeting its objectives.

The evolving action plan covers a range of issues including procurement, travel, management of the De Vere workspace and its impact on society.
De Vere is committed to seeking continuous improvement in its performance on sustainability and CSR issues in line with the need to provide an appropriate environment by:-

  • Ensuring all its customer-facing services continue to develop and facilitate the sustainability programme.
  • Continue to set best practice standards to meet or surpass the requirements of environmental legislation.
  • Continue to maximise the efficient use of resources and minimise waste generation, including year on year increases in control and recycling of waste produced.
  • Continue to conduct our operations in a manner that is committed to, conservation, active remediation of environmental contamination and prevention of pollution.
  • Continue to develop procurement procedures to encompass social, ethical and environmental criteria to achieve best overall value.
  • Involve our suppliers, partners, contractors and customers of our environmental expectations and encourage them to adopt sound environmental and sustainable management practices.

This CSR Policy is directed at Board level and is reviewed regularly.

Current Initiatives - actions now for the future

  • We control Waste Management, and actively seek to reduce the amount of waste entering our premises.We seek to increase our dry waste recycling targets year on year including: cardboard, white paper, glass, plastic, aluminium cans. Our target for recycling is 45% of our waste by the end of 2009.
  • By re-processing used vegetable oil, we provide maximum environmental benefit by delivering a bio-fuel as apposed to fossil fuels.
  • By reducing the amount of packaging entering site via the use of decanted consolidated deliveries, this helps to reduce the amount of delivery vehicles on our roads and therefore reducing CO₂ emissions.
  • Where legislation allows we recycle or re-use old furniture by donating to charities or organisations where these products can be re-used.
  • We work with our suppliers in reducing the levels of chemical fertilisers and pesticides on our golf courses, and increase the watering process by the use of bore hole or natural spring supplies.
  • Having engaged the Carbon Trust at an early stage we will work diligently over the coming years to reduce our Carbon Footprint by increasing control of our daily energy use, and decreasing our energy requirements by design of new buildings and energy efficient equipment.
  • We are committed to responsibly sourced food products and ingredients following seasonal trends and sourcing from the UK whenever possible to reduce food miles.
  • It is our policy to only purchase free range eggs.