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Cameron House Leisure Club

Cameron House Leisure Club

Amid a flume of hot mist you exit the sauna and head for the pool, the strains of a full days golf or a week at work leave you behind. The kids wave from the water-slide hell-bent on creating the biggest splash ever as they re-enter the pool. ‘So much for a peaceful swim,’ you think. Mum reclines pool-side engrossed in the latest paparazzi exposé. On the other side of the pool, the pummel and pound of running machines and the clatter on weights can do little to disturb your relaxation. After the third successive soaking you ponder whether you could take to the slide to wreak your own revenge, but think better of it at your age, choosing to cling to the pool’s edge and gaze wistfully at the breathtaking view of the loch before you. users rated our spa & leisure facilities at Loch Lomond 5 out of 5 from 9 reviews.



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